To Prospective Employees

We are the largest home elevator specialist in Australia with more than 150 full-time staff.  Our HR staff to non HR staff ratio is double regular businesses.

Career paths matter, you matter and your growth, success and longevity are planned because long term people are the most capable and make the business better.

We pay premium salaries and wages, have great conditions and education as part of the job.

If you cry in movies, we invite you to contact us at or call.

Existing Employees

Lift Shop employees are carefully selected and properly trained.  They are chosen for their personal qualities.

They care, they are stable and their personal values define them. As a safety-focused individual in a position of trust and responsibility, personal values are key.

To work for Lift Shop is a privilege due to superior pay, conditions, training, benefits and support.  The work is interesting and the clients are great.

As a result, Lift Shop people perform to a higher standard.  They are measured and monitored to that higher standard.

We appreciate your feedback and it matters.  If you want to give feedback then send a message to

We thank you for your support.

To Former Employees

Admit it.  You miss us.!

You heard we didn’t drop pays or people during Covid19! You found out the hard way, that the grass is not greener on the other side.

At Lift Shop, we expect and are accustomed to our competitors attempting to poach our staff.  It happens all the time, and we love that they love our people so much that they don’t even reference check.

For those who have left, remember the many who also did and then came back.  They tend to be in senior roles.  You can do the same (provided you did the right thing to the end and didn’t take confidential information with you).

We look forward to welcoming you back, now that you have rounded out your experience.

But remember we get 3 x “I told ya so!” and then it is back to normal.