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The undisputed leader in home lifts since being first recognised and awarded by BRW in 2006.

#1 for quality

#1 for service

# 1 in the market

The market leader in Italian and British Home Elevators.

The Safest Lifts 

Because safety is Paramount.

It is not negotiable, which explains Lift Shop’s enviable safety record.

Different lifts have different safety features, so have them demonstrated when you visit the potential supplier’s showroom.

In-Cabin Self Rescue, rescue from the machine space, emergency communication, power failure sensing lowering, and more. They are all different, but all critical to your safety.  Not all lifts have them, and all lifts are not equal.  Make sure you get the best for your family’s safety.

The safety features for each lift type is found in the Lift Range.

Impressive Showrooms

As a built-in and relatively expensive feature of your home that is difficult to change, you should think carefully about your lift selection.

Learn as much as you can and try the many different lift types before you commit.  You will be amazed at the diverse range and price points in the marketplace. Educated clients are aware and ultimately make the best decisions and ignore pressure sales tactics.

Lift Shop’s showrooms are the best in the niche’ with the most lifts on display. They are a comfortable environment to explore options, try the different size cabins, and experience different drive systems.

When spending $32,000+ you need confidence, which is not possible from an image, website, or brochure.

We look forward to meeting you in one of our showrooms.

Sydney – Melbourne – Brisbane
Perth –  Canberra – Los Angeles

Unbeatable Value

The Formula

Quality Lift Machinery 
Premium components, comprehensive testing and development procedures, proven history, stable manufacturing supply chain, and experienced Italian and British designers.

Large Volumes 
Lift Shop sells more lifts than the other lift company. Our freight efficiencies and buying power cause economies of scale which allow for lower costs. 

Overhead Costs
Shared by 6 x offices, >750 new sales a year, and thousands of routine service clients. Because efficiency makes a difference.

Heavy HR focus, considerable training, and great pay for talent, mean the retention of a premium quality team.  This actually, saves money as it saves time.

Properly capitalised
No debt burden and an established business, operating successfully and growing consistently for more than 25 years.

No Hidden Extras
Clients don’t like that, and we don’t want to deal with it.  Whilst it may be a revenue source to our competitors, we see it as the biggest waste of time and offensive.  So we avoid it.  It’s not worth it.  Logic rules!

Low Service Costs


Service costs need to be low because they are usually paid for by one home owner in after-tax dollars. (Unlike commercial elevators)


  • Lift Shop has the largest home lift service portfolio for its own installed lifts, meaning travel time efficiency.
  • Lift Shop refuses to grow the service portfolio through piecemeal acquisitions of failed companies lifts or orphan lifts, which means our men know the job history, have parts and don’t get delayed.
  • Lift Shop only services lifts it has installed, so we are never guessing what to do.

This means a more reliable service for clients and lower costs.

E1 Lift:

State of the art swing door

Gorgeous design for your home


E2 Lift:

Italian sliding door lift

The ultimate luxury at the touch of a button


E2 Lift:

Italian sliding door lift

The ultimate luxury at the touch of a button


Q1 Lift:

The Game Changer

A lift in your home in 5 days.
 Under $37,000


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