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Google Reviews

Google Reviews are a technological advantage.

It is easy to find out the truth about potential suppliers.

Buyers take reviews seriously and suppliers actively engage with clients on this forum.

The count, authenticity and age are important.

To find reviews, type the supplier name and reviews into Google.

Lift Shop Reviews – Sydney

Lift Shop Reviews – Brisbane

Lift Shop Reviews – Melbourne

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Sydney – 25 June 2020

Melbourne – 6 November 2020

Brisbane – 25 June 2020

Most Trusted Home Lift Supplier

Knowing who you are dealing with is critical.

To support our claim, we encourage you to get as many referrals as possible.  To fully investigate the potential suppliers of your home lift.

Lift Shop wants you to know us,  to meet with us and to assist you in your research.

Learn independently who can be trusted, before you commit. 

John, Brisbane, 7th October 2019

Megan, Melbourne, 10th December 2019

Travis, Essendon, 19th November 2019

Client Satisfaction Surveys

Client Feedback is how we learn and improve.

For more than 15 years, clients have been completing Satisfaction Surveys at the end of the jobs.

This is part of how we learn about what matters to our clients.

Thank you for your candid feedback.

Thank-you Notes 

The Lift Shop journey does not just end with the sale of a lift. The relationships is long lasting. See what some of Lift Shop’s customers say about their experience

Bear, A Melbourne, 26 October 2020

Peter, G, Manly, 21st October 2020

Robyn, Sydney, NSW, 17th June 2020

Give Feedback on Existing Employees

At Lift Shop we strive for excellence in all areas.

We appreciate your feedback and it matters.  If you want to give feedback then please go to Google Reviews, or alternatively, send a confidential message to

We thank you for your support.

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