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It’s a great time to be considering a private lift for your home.
Residential lifts have changed

  • The appearances are upgraded to include designer styling and finishing
  • The structural and “fit” flexibilities are adaptable, practical and very accommodating to suit almost any property
  • The prices (including total project cost) have never been lower in real terms.
  • The process of purchasing and installing have never been simpler or easier to follow.

Increased demand for this niche’ range caused by a swell of awareness and discovery at what residential lifts can be used for has caused our industry to evolve rapidly.

Today, a residential lift is the the latest “must have” appliance for the modern home.

Standardisation and retro-fit techniques where lifts are designed and engineered to be carried through an existing doorway by hand, (in kit form) have made the installation process much easier  – leading of course to lower prices.   Also, due to the genius of modern manufacturing methods, modern IT and the tight quality control of sophisticated mass production factories utilising 6 Sigma and other wonderful control techniques, the entire process is quicker, simpler and better than ever.

Lift technologies have made quantum leaps in recent times – delivering VALUE for all of us.

For sure, residential lifts are a machine to make it easier to carry bags up stairs, but they are also a design feature and a way to describe your property as “special”. A way to say –  WOW FACTOR INCLUDED.

Consider the design possibilities when your whole property is easily accessible.  Contact us, we love to help.