Serving Many Masters

 We serve the great masters of building and home design. We love it.

We report to those who demand the very best – for their creations!

  • Architects
  • Designers 
  • Builders 

Have a vision and a dream.  

They want everything to work the way it is designed, reliably and safely.  They do not want to get called back.  When the home is handed to the owner, the lift responsibility remains with us at Lift Shop and we remain on to serve.

We appreciate your requirements which is why Lift Shop is now the first choice for new home visionaries. 

We are already in some of the most luxurious homes in Australia, and we like to think the building greats of the past would have used us too!

We look forward to meeting with you and working for you.

Impressive Showrooms

It is a serious decision. 

Educated clients are aware of the many different home lifts on the market. They test products before committing. 

Lift Shop’s showrooms are the best in the niche’. They are a comfortable environment to explore options, try the different size cabins, and ride the different drive systems.

When spending $32,000+ you need confidence, which is not possible from an image or a brochure.

Visit a showroom before you make your home lift investment.

Sydney – Melbourne – Brisbane
Perth – Los Angeles

Google Reviews

Online reviews are an easy way to find the truth about potential suppliers.

The number of reviews, integrity and age is important.

To find reviews, type the supplier name and reviews into Google or 

Lift Shop Reviews – Sydney

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Humble Beginnings

Our CEO, Les Katz (B.Bus. CPA) left an accounting career at Price Waterhouse at age 25 to take a job as Operations Manager at the Multi-National, Schindler Lifts in Sydney.  As a commercial lift company, Schindler sold to building specialists like architects, builders and engineering consultants.

Les and a small crew of 3 started a company installing home lifts.  Houses were $120,000 and lifts were $120,000.  The home lift market did not exist.

House prices were rising lifts were wanted, but they supply required specialists as they were industrial transport machines or medical devices. Having installed all types and listened to others, Les identified the missing piece.  Working with EP in Italy, they reimagined and developed the home elevator model.

The concept started to take off.  Lift Shop made it easier and cheaper to get a great value lift for your home.

The idea of Lift Shop was that you could walk into a showroom for a lift and buy one, easily, and with confidence in a consumer-friendly environment.

2006 – 2012
Lift Shop won 5 BRW fast-growth awards in a row, numerous design awards, grew and opened 4 more offices.

2012 – Today
Lift Shop is the market leader and sales have grown every year.  Lift Shop employs more than 150 people,  has 5 sales offices on 2 continents and manufacturing in Italy and the UK.  Quality home lifts start at $32,000 and house prices are in the millions.

The Safest Lifts

Because safety is Paramount.

It is the most important. It is not negotiable for clients or staff.  Lift Shop has an enviable safety record for this reason.

The lifts have numerous safety features, so have them all demonstrated at your showroom visit.

A full list of the safety features is found in the lift section.

In-Cabin Self Rescue, rescue from the machine space, emergency communication, power failure sensing lowering, and more. They are all different, but all critical to your safety.

Not all lifts are equal.  Make sure you don’t compromise on safety.

In-Cabin Self-Rescue

How it works – In the event of a minor failure:

The battery back up computer checks the landing doors for locked status (it must be locked).

If the lift is not in its emergency brakes, the passenger presses and holds two buttons together and the lift slowly moves to floor level and unlocks the door for a safe exit.

The 1993 Australian standard for home lifts was written prior to the invention of the in-cabin self-rescue device. If written today, it should be included.

Checked by WorkCover of NSW, it’s entirely safe. Don’t wait for rescue! Get yourself out!

Long Term Relationship

Your home lift supplier is a member of your personal services team.  Its a  relationship.

Lift Shop clients buy more than a lift, they get the full-service experience.  

The relationship starts with meeting the designers in the showrooms before you commit. Our designers assist to create the right lift, personalized to your requirements.

Detailed drawings are prepared by the engineers of your lift, who manufacture it in Italy once approved.

The construction support team, site managers and installation teams will assist in site preparation, then ship your lift to site and install it at the agreed time.

The service department provides 24/7 support after that with lifetime parts coverage available.

At Lift Shop you are cared for before, during and after the installation process.
It’s more than just a lift, it’s a winning process, that creates a great relationship. (see reviews online) 

Efficiencies  = Savings to The Client

The Formula

Quality Lift Machinery 
Premium components, proper  testing procedures, proven history, stable manufacturing supply chain and great design

Large Volumes 
Lift Shop sells more lifts than the other lift company. Our freight efficiencies and buying power equal lower costs. 

Overhead costs shared by 5 offices, 700+ new lift clients and thousands of routine service clients means lower cost per lift.

Staff training and great pay for talent

Properly capitalised
No debt

No Hidden Extras
Industries biggest complaint and biggest waste of time.  So we avoid it.  It’s not worth it.

The Wow Factor

Lift Shop created most of the innovations found in the modern home lift.  As the leader, Lift Shop introduced:

  • Incredible safety features (e.g. in-cabin self-rescue)
  • Technological advances (like the electric drive)
  • Hotel-style glass shafts
  • Amazing Italian lifts

Lift Shop is the first choice for new home creators with a desire to make the property stand out.  (Or POP as they say at the LA office)

The lifts are found in a range of homes, from those that are like private hotels to the homes being planned for the future.  Future-proofing means a lift with a 40-year life span, so you don’t have to leave a bedroom downstairs or move.  

Will you be the first taker?
“A free lift from Lift Shop, in exchange for 50% of the increase in the value of your home from the lift.  (Independent valuation required.  Does not apply to the Q1)” 

Smart Systems but Personal

Homeowners want personal contact, trust, discretion and reliability.  The lift is part of their home, and we are part of their personal service team who cares for them. (eg Doctor, Pool  Service, Plumber, Dentist, Cleaner etc).

Lift Shop has been careful to develop its systems so that personal contact is not lost, despite the size and scale of the business.

All clients have a dedicated contact person who takes care of you. The needs of a homeowner are very different to those of a commercial buyer.  We understand that.

This map illustrates where we are, and what we do.  Get a feel for our service activity and work experience.

In The News

Lift Shop has been making the news for home lifts since the Manly Daily in 2004.    

As a lead innovator in the home lift market place, this link allows you to see some of the Australian industry’s progress through the eyes of others.

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