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A showroom visit lets you experience the lift before you own it.

Showroom visits are essential to help you learn and experience
the proposed lift system.

Informed and educated purchasers usually select the best.

Research your options carefully.

Our showrooms are incredible learning environments.






Los Angeles


When visiting a showroom consider:
Motor sound
Real running speed
Real ceiling heights
Manufacturer’s experience
New or generic lift? Experience
Are you an experiment?
Risky payment terms
Ride quality
Finish quality
Installation experience
Finer details of the cabin construction
Spare parts availability
Financial security
Staff training provided
Energy consumption
How special features work
Trust your instincts!

Our documentation is thorough and accurate.

We will never show you one thing and supply another.

Over 4,000 lifts delivered correctly and accurately,  we are proud of our record.


Our Italian factory (ISO 9001) is large and stable and prioritizes production capacity for Australia, so as to assure on time delivery.  Changing out your lift is hard and expensive. Be certain at the outset of what you are getting and the timing.

On time and on budget, is what Lift Shop clients expect and can rely on.

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