Industry Leading Service and Warranty

Lift Shop does not service other lift brands due to efficiency and risk minimisation.  We do not grow the portfolio through piecemeal acquisitions of failed companies.  This means:

  • Superior economies of scale to keep costs down.
  • Proven service systems and methods.
  • Planning certainty equals on time appointments.
  • A safer lift for our technicians and lift passengers.

Lift Shop provides regular service,  repair service and after-hour emergency assistance

Savings are passed to customers. Virtually unlimited warranty on parts and labour to replace is available for an annual fee.  This warranty is transferable and resides with the lift.  The associated conditions are fair and reasonable.

Differences Lift Shop (Source Lift Shop terms and conditions)Next Level Elevators / Compact Lifts (Source: Next Level Quote Document, 24th March 2020)Easy Living Home Elevators (Source: Easy Living Quote Document, 8th July 2020)
Standard Period 1 Year1 Year1 Year
Annual Service Included 2 - 4 PAClaim at least 2Claim at least 2
Repairs - Standard PeriodLabour and parts includedLabour and parts includedLabour and parts included
Transferability Yes - resides with liftNo - resides with purchaser / owner e.g. builder
Extended Period Unlimited - for an annual fee. Up to 7 years (commenced operations in approx 2013 )Up to 10 years. Haggle point.
Repairs - Extended PeriodLabour and parts includedParts only, labour extraParts only, labour extra
Payment Credit offered Payment needs to made on completion for warranty to be valid

The Safest Lifts

Because safety is Paramount.

It is most important. It is not negotiable for clients or staff.  Lift Shop has an enviable safety record for this reason.

The lifts have numerous safety features, so have them all demonstrated at your showroom visit.

A full list of the safety features are found in the lift section.

In-Cabin Self Rescue, rescue from the machine space, emergency communication, power failure sensing lowering, and more. They are all different, but all critical to your safety.

Not all lifts are equal.  Make sure you get the best.

In-Cabin Self-Rescue

How it works – In the event of a minor failure:

The battery backed up computer checks  the landing doors for locked status. (it must be locked).

If the lift is not in its emergency brakes, the passenger presses and holds two buttons together and the lift slowly moves to floor level and unlocks the door for a safe exit.

The 1993 Australian standard for home lifts was written prior to the invention of the in-cabin self-rescue device. If  written today, it should be included.

Checked by WorkCover of NSW, it’s entirely safe. Don’t wait for rescue, get yourself out!

Not All Lifts are Equal

It is important to work with a home elevator specialist you can trust.

Not all home lifts are the same, they are very different. Lift Shop lifts are exclusive to us, and nobody has the same as us.

Differences Lift Shop Others
In Cabin Self Rescue (Must Have)Included Not included
Power Failure Battery Back up Included Unclear
Compliance Compliant Unsure
Sizing Customisable in 10mm incrementsLimited
Cabin Height 2100mm2000mm or lower
Pit130 - 170mm100 - 250mm
Headroom2400mm - 2700mm2600mm - 3000mm
Carrying Capacity 300 - 400kgLimited 250kg - 400kg
Speed 0.30m/s0.25m/s
Noise and Ride Quality Smooth and Quiet Varied
Drive System Hydraulic / Electric Traction Hydraulic / Electric Traction / Winding Drum / Screw Drive
Finishes CustomisableLimited
Lift ShaftSteel Aluminium

Which Drive to use?

Is often confused.

This is caused by salespeople who want you to buy what they sell.

Rather than what is best for you.

Education +
Buyers Guide

Educated purchasers make intelligent decisions.  

This section contains topics to help you think logically, understand and analyse,  as you go through the home lift purchase journey. 

The more you know the better.  Lift Shop is pro-education and buyers guidance. 

Inspiration and Ideas

It is important to make sure you get the lift design right.

This section is to help inspire clients with different design ideas and concepts.


Inspiration and Ideas

It is important to make sure you get the lift design right.

This section is to help inspire clients with different design ideas and concepts.


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