3 Years 

Lift Shop founded the new gold standard for service.
It is easy to do with a quality product, all new lifts are provided with:

  • 1 year comprehensive service
  • 2 more years’ routine service (2 x PA)
  • 3 years warranty on parts

Our service department will offer you a custom service program designed for you and to minimize costs in year 4.


Service Department

  • 24 hour helpline: 1800 440 714
  • More than 50 service vehicles
  • Spare part stores around Australia
  • Industry leading break down rates (<0.4 x PA average)
  • More than 4000 lifts on our service portfolio
  • 22 years of experience you can trust
  • Lift Shop only maintains lifts that we sell and install.
  • We are focused on your safety and peace of mind
  • The service mission is to support you long term 

Other Brands 

Due to:

  • Parts obsolescence from factories that have failed.
  • High costs of scarce parts.
  • Slow supply times of proprietary parts
  • Difficulty with inferior products
  • It’s impossible for a technician to know everything about every lift out there

We do not deal with other manufacturers and retailers products.  We are very sorry.