FREEDOMLIFT IS a premier home lift in a contemporary style and is exclusive to Lift Shop in Australia and America.It represents exceptional value.

It is an integrated design with all the popular accessories included.

As a quality controlled standard design, the FreedomLift is quickly installed with minimal impact on construction. It is ideal for retrofits.

Assembled from pre-manufactured custom pieces.

All components are carried onto site through a regular door opening. No crane is required.

The FreedomLift’s technical simplicity is hidden behind a skin of modern materials.

The best hydraulics and modern assembly combine to provide one of the finer home lift packages available.

In addition to a range of popular sizes, FreedomLift is now available in sized to suit models. Higher ceilings are also available.

There is an exciting selection of finishes to the cabin and landing doors, all supplied and installed by Lift Shop.plied and installed by Lift Shop.

ACCORDING TO Elevatori (a highly respected European lift magazine) in September 2010, it was noted that “the local Chinese enterprises now can supply products as good as the multi-nationals”. The publishers also commented “that the Chinese lift market is the largest in the world”.

The FreedomLift is assembled in a large, clean, modern high-quality Chinese factory and our exclusive partner, DNDT, is a leading home lift manufacturer in China. This lift is extremely versatile and we are very proud to sell the FreedomLift in Australia and America.