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Styled to suit, high performance designed for maximum flexibility and use of small shaft spaces

Persons 5
Run speed 0.30m/s 
Size options
  • Custom sizes to suit
  • Maximum width 1200mm
  • Maximum depth 1400mm
Max stops (floors) 6
Max travel (metres) 12
Environmental impact Energy saving features
  • Automatic operation
  • Key isolation to the call and send functions
  • Automatic return to false or nominated floors (optional)
  • Limited mobility access features including braille
  • Security features (optional)
Country of manufacture Italy
Landing buttons
  • Illuminated and included in door jamb as standard
  • Separate button box at nearby location (optional)
  • Security features (optional)
  • Up to 50m away infra-red remote calling (optional)
  • Arrival indication included as standard
(ffl at bottom floor to pit bottom)
130 - 150mm
(ffl at top floor to top of shaft)
2600 (2150mm possible)
Machine cabinet
(w) / (d) / (h)

up to 7m from shaft

Drive mechanism and
power requirement
  • Roped hydraulic
  • Single phase 32A
  • Backup batteries cause the lift to automatically lower to lowest floor and unlock its doors in the event of a power failure
Door type and options
  • Automatic or partially automatic swing doors
  • Huge range of finishes to select from including stainless steel and panoramic glass doors
  • Made from steel or aluminium
  • Range of door width (600mm – 1000mm) in 50m increments
  • Jamb is additional 100 - 130mm on either side and above
  • Fire rating 1 or 2 hour (optional)
  • Remote control opening (optional)
  • Different possibilities on different landings (mix and match)
Design sizes Flexible
Style options Wow factor finishes
Ceiling height 2100mm
Max load 300 - 350 - 400 - 500kg
Finishes selections Latest Italian designs and styles with customisable options including mirrors, custom coloured stainless steel and manufactured stone floors
Code compliance

AS1735 Part 15
AS1735 Part 18
NCC E3.6


Home Lifts, Residential Elevators, Lift Installations

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