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Safety and Security

ElfoLift safety features include:

  • Steel ropes with 40 ton breaking strain (4 ropes)

  • Overload indicators giving audible warning of overload conditions

  • Over speed sensing safety gear which automatically and mechanically engages in the event of a descent that is too quick by engaging two independent safety brakes

  • Burst valve settings to ensure all descents are controlled

  • Battery powered siren and emergency lighting 

  • Independently powered telephone


Home Lifts, Residential Elevators, Lift Installations


At Lift Shop safety is paramount. The ElfoLift has a perfect safety record. Only full height light rays are the safe solution for automatic lifts and we have enforced this for more than 10 years - leading the improvements of the industry.

Before a lift becomes available to the market it has to pass rigorous qualification criteria and tests.

As a leading European lift product, the ElfoLift exceeds the safety requirements of the standards, and is installed in thousands of locations throughout the world.

The ElfoLift is a proven Italian integrated and complete lift package with a two speed hydraulic drive system. Hydraulics are a common technology and known to be serviceable, of good value and reliable.

The ElfoLift runs on nylon sliders and rollers ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on precision engineered guide rails.




  • Emergency lowering or raising system 

  • Active safety circuit which continuously monitors the lift

  • Full-height light ray protection to all cabin entrances

  • Electrical locks that make it impossible for the lift to travel when the landing door is not closed

  • Mechanical locks that make it impossible for the landing door to open when the lift is not at floor level

  • Automatically descends to the bottom floor and unlocks the door in the event of power failure

  • Separate battery supply that keeps the light on during power failure

Home Lifts, Residential Elevators, Lift Installations

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