THE ITALIAN E1 is an unbeatable classic that regularly outsells all other platform lifts in Italy (Source: EPSA). A market leader in exclusive luxury home lifts, E1 is designed to provide style, value, quality and reliability.

Featuring a larger, stronger motor and enhanced computer controls to ensure it easily and smoothly accelerates to its large full-load (five people) ascending speed of 0.30 m/s (adjustable).

Lift Shop’s E1 is unique, because of its level of comfort and efficiency. Other lifts with single speed control devices simply cannot achieve the same speed while providing a smooth journey.

Italy is the centre of excellence for lifts with more than 2000 lift companies.

The E1 is also offered with optional ‘standout’ designer steel shafts. Suitable for indoors or outdoors, the shafts are custom sized and styled to compliment your home. The quickly assembled shafts are designed to be carried onto site by hand through a regular door opening which makes them perfect for retrofitting.

Architects and designers alike love the E1 because it has minimal spatial impact and offers maximum flexibility when it comes to design and sizing.



E1’s interiors and landing doors are sized and styled to suit the specific requirements of individual projects, and with an almost infinite range of configuration possibilities, the only limitation is your imagination.

The E1 is affordable. Efficient processes, a new high tech factory in Pisa and mass customisation production techniques, means this incredible lift is outstanding value.

Whisper-quiet, smooth operation.

Designed and made in Italy to the very highest international standards, and sold exclusively by Lift Shop in Australia and America, E1 clients are receiving an exclusive custom made luxury home lift. The E1 includes all the hallmarks of a genuine luxury home lift – stainless steel profiles instead of rubber trims are just the beginning.