Bank Access OVER THE years, we have provided many limited mobility access solutions to a number of banks, which include ANZ, Bank of China, CBA and the Bank of Queensland. Garage Down to House THE PROBLEM with street level garage parking and having a home located at the bottom of a slopping block is the access in between the two, especially when you have to carry your shopping bags down many flights of stairs or get caught out in bad weather. At Lift Shop we have worked on multiple projects that over come this issue, so the clients ca... Can a Home Lift Have a Sliding Door ? SOME CLIENTS have small landing spaces or simply want ease of access at the touch of a button, the Lift Shop sliding door range is the perfect solution for this. Check out the endless options below. Examples of Car Operating Panels WHAT CLIENTS love about our lifts is the collection of car operating panels we have on offer. Check out the examples below.   Examples of Custom Door Handles OFTEN CLIENTS like to further integrate their lift by adding a custom door handle - check out some of the examples below. Examples of Coloured Glass OUR GLASS range offers clients a large variety of colours that can tie into any homes decor. Check out some of the examples below Making Lift Doors “Higher” OFTEN CLIENTS wish to make the 2000mm high lift doors look the same height as other higher doors in their homes, here are some of examples of how to “achieve” that. Stainless Steel Hinged Doors WHEN YOU are looking for the best of the best and really want to make a statement with your lift, nothing does it better than the elegant look and feel of stainless steel. Check out some of these samples to show what can be done. Examples of Galvanised Finishes MORE AND more, galvanised finishes are being selected as a blank canvas for clients to add their own custom finishes to. This can be for doors, profiles, walls and even car operating panels. And bones only shafts of course. Here’s a few examples